#1 system to get more reviews on Google & other sites! Get 5-Star reviews & suppress bad reviews.

  • Reviews are left by your customers, clients or patients on public review sites such as Google, Facebook, Healthgrades, Yelp, etc.
  • Consumers are well down the purchase path by the time they start reading Google reviews or other reviews. They have already established their need and desire to make a purchase. 
  • Now, they’re looking for positive signals to help them determine which business or professional is the best. This is why ratings and reviews have such a big impact on your revenues.

The reviews and recommendations of others are the #1 reason why someone chooses you.

According to the most comprehensive study on consumer reviews, published by BrightLocal in 2015:

  • 92% of consumers rely on reviews to help them make buying decisions. 
  • 80% of consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • 69% say a review must be written within 2-3 months to be relevant. 84% say a review must be written within 6 months to be relevant. 
  • 44% of consumers will not use a business unless it has a rating of four stars or higher. 6% will not use a business unless it has a 5-star rating. 
  • 80% of consumers take action after reading positive reviews. (48% visit the website, 23% visit the business directly, and 9% call the business.)

Why do only 2% of people leave reviews? How to get more.

  • Does your online reputation accurately reflect how happy your customers and patients actually are? If you are like most companies, the vast majority of your customers and patients are happy. But they don’t post online reviews to tell everyone how happy they are.

  • A 2014 study by MIT found that only 1.5% of customers and patients leave reviews. Why don’t they leave reviews? Many customers intend to leave reviews, but don’t because of the following two reasons:

    • They find it is too difficult, don’t know how, etc.
    • They get busy and simply forget.
  • How can you get more of your happy customers or patients to leave reviews?

    • Simply remind them by text or email.
    • Make it easy for them to leave reviews with direct links to review sites.

Simple text or email survey turns your customer and patient feedback into positive Google reviews & ratings, and customer reviews on other sites

  • By simply making it easy and convenient for people to leave you a customer review, we can turn your happy customers or patients into more positive online reviews.

  • We’ll also help you suppress negative reviews, by making it easy for unhappy customers to give you feedback directly and privately.

  • It’s a simple, automated system:

    • A customer satisfaction survey is sent by text or email – privately.
    • Responses are automatically filtered by our software.
    • Negative feedback can then be addressed privately.
    • Positive feedback is automatically replied to with a thank you, and convenient links to public review sites.
  • It’s a proactive, automated process to capture feedback, and generate good reviews.

Customer satisfaction text or email survey is sent privately.

Automated system filters feedback, and sends direct links to review sites.

Thank you for happy customers/patients provides easy links to review sites. 

Thank you for unhappy customers/patients, asks for additional feedback, and offers to help address the issue.

Testimonials can be automatically captured & streamed to your website for prospective customers to see.

Reviews are captured in Google-friendly code, so they are automatically displayed in Google searches

Our Social Marketing option enables to you to easily share positive reviews on all your social media sites, with a simple click of a button!

Monitor all reviews and track progress in one dashboard.

  • See all your reviews in one place from the top third party sites for your industry. 
  • Respond to all reviews directly from the dashboard. 
  • Receive customized email alerts, so you never miss anything.