1. FREE customized Reputation Score and Report. No obligation.

  • You can’t afford to rely on guesswork when it comes to your reputation and online presence.
  • The place to start is to know exactly where you stand right now. That’s why we provide you with a free Reputation Score and Report, with no obligation, and no need to enroll in our service.
  • We do a complete analysis and score for every aspect of your online presence including your:
    • Directory listings
    • Reviews
    • Social Media
    • Website
    • Local Competitor Analysis
    • Plus overall score
  • It’s a similar concept as a credit report and score, except this is for your reputation and online presence.

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2. We improve your ratings & reviews better than anyone.

  • The #1 objective of a reputation management and marketing system is to improve the PUBLIC reputation of an organization. We do a better job of this than anyone else.
  • The typical process used by other services, asks your customers or patients for their feedback, and if the review is positive, they then ask the customer or patient to, “Please do us a favor, by writing a second review onto a public review site. We really appreciate it!” Very few customers or patients actually take the time to write their review a SECOND TIME to help you with your marketing.
  • The result is that with other services, very few of the POSITIVE reviews you receive ever get published on a public review site – so the public never sees it, and your average star ratings don’t improve as much as they should.
  • The Be 5 Stars system makes the review process easy and painless. With our unique system, your customers, clients, or patients only need to write a review once.
  • With our system, you get more positive reviews posted publically, which means higher ratings and revenues to your bottom line.

3. SEO boosts your website visitors up to 16 times higher.

  • Having a 5-star reputation doesn’t do you much good, if nobody knows about it. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) system increases your visibility and web traffic up to 16x higher.
  • SEO provides “Free ads,” that are only seen by people who are actively searching for exactly what you offer.
  • Be 5-Stars submits listings to online directories, so you get more traffic and sales. And since Google determines your search engine ranking largely based on the completeness and correctness of your directory listings, this can really help boost your web traffic from ALL internet searches.

4. We help improve your Unstructured Reviews as well as your Structured Reviews.

  • Opinions about businesses aren’t limited to star-ratings and official reviews. Unstructured reviews come from anywhere on the web where someone has mentioned a business without an explicit rating. For example, tweets, blog posts and news articles.
  • Unlike other marketing systems, our system hunts for both, making it simple to track what people are saying, wherever they’re saying it online. This also gives you new opportunities to cultivate more word-of mouth referrals.

5. Social marketing that generates real business.

  • Most social media management is not really marketing at all. It’s simply managing posts on Facebook, Twitter, etc. But it doesn’t generate real business revenues. The Be 5-Stars program is unique, because we actually generate real business for you.
  • For example, a family moves to a new area, and is looking for a local dentist, restaurants, home services business, etc. Like 70% of Americans, they are active every day on social media, and socially post to their friends and groups when they are looking for certain specific local businesses.
  • We will alert you as to who is actively looking for your type of your business, and you can simply contact them through our dashboard. It’s even easier than responding to a telephone inquiry.

6. Mobile Revenue Generation.

  • To win at the marketing game, you need to be in front of where the eyeballs are. Consumers spend over 15 hours per week researching on their smart phones. 77% of smart phone users, contact a business or professional after looking them up on a mobile search.
  • Google penalizes companies without mobile-optimized websites, which decreases web traffic an average of 12%. That’s why we custom design and host a mobile Revenue Generation Page™ for you, including the Google-friendly web coding to optimize your response.