Our proven system helps you get a 5-star reputation, while suppressing bad reviews. We promote you with SEO to boost your free Google rankings, & free targeted social marketing.

Gain a competitive edge. Get 5-stars & promote it online.

Complete Reputation & Marketing System

Gain a competitive edge. Get 5-stars & promote it online.

  • First, we do a complete analysis & score for every aspect of your online presence.
  • Then we invite your customers or patients via text or email to leave you reviews.
  • Reviews are filtered, and positive reviews are published and promoted via social media, search engines, and mobile marketing. This boosts your web traffic up to 16 times higher.
  • This generates more business for you, which re-starts the repeating cycle.
  1. See Where You Stand

    Complete analysis & score for every aspect of your online presence.

  2. Get Positive Reviews

    Make it easy for people to leave you positive reviews. Filter out negative feedback.

  3. Online Word Of Mouth

    Monitor tweets, blog posts, and news articles to cultivate positive word of mouth.

  4. Social Media Marketing

    Revenue generating social marketing that gives you real customer/patient acquisition.

  5. Search Engine Optimization

    Profit from the free advertising you get from search engines. Increase your visibility & web traffic, by simply being found by more people online.

  6. Boost Mobile Search

    Increase traffic from mobile searches. Avoid having your web traffic penalized by Google’s mobile search algorithm.

  7. Reputation Marketing Pre-Sells People

    With the ease of internet search, combined with ratings and reviews, people are no longer “sold to.” They decide to buy. We make sure you stand out.

  8. Track Your Progress

    Dashboard tracks & scores everything, so you always know how you are progressing.

Complete Analysis & Report Of Your Reputation & Online Presence

Discover new ways to increase your income.

  • You can’t afford to rely on guesswork when it comes to your reputation and online presence.
  • The place to start is to know exactly where you stand right now. That’s why we provide you with a customized Reputation Score and Report – to see what you look like online, and how customers or patients see you.
  • We do a complete analysis and score for every aspect of your online presence.
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Positive Reviews Increase Income

Get Great Reviews & Suppress Bad Reviews

  • Structured reviews are reviews left by customers, clients or patients on public review sites such as Google+, Facebook, Healthgrades, Yelp, etc.
  • 92% of consumers rely on reviews to make their buying decisions.
  • Our automated system makes it easy for people to leave you reviews, by simply sending them a customized email or text. Negative feedback is filtered out. This turns your happy customers or patients into positive online reviews.
  • These positive reviews are displayed online, increasing your sales revenues.
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Unstructured Reviews Are Online Word-Of Mouth

Improve Your Word-Of Mouth

  • Opinions about businesses aren’t limited to star-ratings and official reviews. Unstructured reviews come from anywhere on the web where someone has mentioned a business without an explicit rating. For example, tweets, blog posts and news articles.
  • Google data shows 97% of consumers, research businesses online.
  • Our software combs through all corners of the internet and compiles everything being said about you.
  • This gives you the opportunity to help reinforce and fuel more positive word-of-mouth, and to stop negative word-of-mouth from spiraling out of control online.
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Revenue Generating Social Marketing

Profit From Social Media Without Spending Money On Advertising

  • Targeted social marketing sends new customers who are ready to purchase -- straight to you.
  • We help you gain real customer/patient acquisition from social marketing. Our automated system scans social media for people posting that they have a need for your product or service, and sends those people to you. This allows you to easily increase your revenues.
  • Build loyalty, retention, & word-of mouth referrals with great content. Just use our Interesting Content tab to find popular content for your business or practice, and easily post it to your social pages using our simple dashboard.
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Up To 16x More Web Traffic by Boosting FREE Google Ad Rank

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Research shows companies that rank high in Google searches get up to 16 times more web traffic than those who rank poorly. We help you profit from higher Google rankings by optimizing the most important ranking factors.
  • Google now emphasizes online directory sites as a key to ranking higher. The more directory listings you have, the more visible you are on the internet. Every new listing you add, helps to increase your web traffic. We do this for you.
  • We also increase your search engine rankings with mobile and social media optimization, and increasing the quantity and quality of your reviews. All of these factors cause Google’s algorithm to automatically rank your pages higher.
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Increase Revenues From Mobile Searches

Profit From 12% More Web Traffic

  • According to the US Small Business Administration, 93.3% of small to medium size business websites are not fully mobile optimized. And a Wall Street Journal study found that since Google’s April 21, 2015 update, traffic to non-mobile-friendly websites has dropped an average of 12%.
  • We help boost your business that comes from mobile searches by creating a fully mobile optimized Revenue-Generation Page™ that search engines easily index, and mobile users find easy to use.
  • We can customize it with images, videos, and social media links, and we take care of the Google-friendly web coding. Our fully responsive design scales to any size screen.
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Pre-Sold Customers/Patients

Consumers Trust Other Consumers

  • In traditional business models, businesses and practices seek new business with outbound efforts — referrals, advertising, and sales. With the new model, it’s no longer about finding new business. It’s about being found. With this new internet-based model, consumers are not “sold to.” They research online & “decide to buy.”

  • When they decide to buy, it’s critical they find you. So you need to rank high on search engines, and have high consumer ratings.

  • In the new model, when someone contacts you, they’re already pre-sold, because they see you’re highly rated by consumers and Google.

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Track Your Progress With Complete Reporting

Simple Dashboard Makes It Easy

  • Dashboard tracks and scores everything, so you know exactly how you are progressing.
  • Receive regular, actionable reports that help improve your reputation and online marketing.
  • You can’t afford to rely on guesswork when it comes to your online presence.
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