Social And Mobile Strengthen Consumer Connections With Brands

According to the 2016 State of Customer Journey Marketing by Autopilot, social media and mobile devices have strengthened consumers’ ability to connect 1:1 with brands at any time, from anywhere. 88% of high performing marketers get results by investing in customer experience initiatives including analytics, content, social and nurture-based strategies for growth.

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Mobile Now Main Channel For Web Access

Worldwide, more people now rely on mobile gadgets than desktop computers to browse the Web, new research shows. Occurring at some point in October, the shift marks a major milestone in the way we
communicate, consume and share information.

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Tips for controlling and improving your reputation

As a business owner, you may have concerns about how you will be perceived by your customers. What are they saying about your merchandise and services in public forums? How do you monitor and respond to buyer feedback? Here’s a small business reputation management checklist with guidelines on exactly where to appear, what to listen …

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Benefits of getting a mobile optimized web-site

Mobile web sites are playing a crucial role in guaranteeing the success of your web site. They are developed to deliver proper information for consumers in a mobile-friendly way. This is why it is very important to have a mobile optimized site. Your web-site could be either a separate HTML web-site, or a fully responsive …

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3 major benefits of online reviews

The benefits of customer or patient reviews make them an important aspect of any business’s strategy.

Reviews improve your website traffic.

Each new on-line review is an additional opportunity for a consumer to find you, whether it’s a weblog post, or a review. Reviews may also improve your Google rankings …

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Three ways to improve your online presence

All of us want our on-line presence to become easily seen by our target marketplace, customers and patients. In case your clients can’t discover you on-line once they are looking for their solutions, you will not outlive your competition. While there are many methods to assist building your positive online presence, there are some strategies …

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Why online directories boost your website traffic

With the growth of online directories, there are more reasons than ever to think about using on-line directories as a critical component of your marketing efforts. There are few advertising channels that will provide you with the same value for your marketing spend that a well-run online directory can.
Google heavily favors the information found …

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The importance of reviews in an internet-based economy

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, the single biggest factor in your success is your ability to generate and improve revenues. This is true for every company, regardless of size.
According to Google, 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Studies from Harvard and Cornell Universities show that a 1-star difference in reviews can influence …

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Social Media is critical to business development

Social media is great for sharing memes and political rants, but for businesses, it is important to business development. Look at it this way: a social media profile (or, as we recommend, profiles) is basically free advertising. Use them to their fullest and you can get your company in front of new eyes each day.
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