Why online directories boost your website traffic

With the growth of online directories, there are more reasons than ever to think about using on-line directories as a critical component of your marketing efforts. There are few advertising channels that will provide you with the same value for your marketing spend that a well-run online directory can.

Google heavily favors the information found on directory sites, and utilizes more offsite info to generate local search results. If your objective is to attract clients, putting your company in on-line directories is one of the most effective ways to get found by possible customers. There are hundreds of search engines on the web and each online company listing that the company is on increases their opportunity of becoming found by their target audience online.

Getting your profile on a directory that has a great deal of traffic, may also bring your company great exposure. We know name recognition plays a part in most people’s purchasing decisions.

We also all know how important referrals are. A good online directory will make it very easy for a customer or even potential customers to share your company with their friends and family on social media. How many times have your run across something fantastic around the internet and wanted to share it with friends?

Profile pages contain everything that visitors really want to see when they come to your website. A little about you and your business, images, contact info, map to your location, etc. Giving your site visitors what they want quickly and easily will always increase conversion rates.

Most great directories are spending much more than the average small business can afford to invest in generating very targeted visitors. You may already have a fantastic website, but how many visitors are you getting?

To learn how your small company can reap the benefits of an on-line directory contact Be 5-Stars today.