The importance of reviews in an internet-based economy

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, the single biggest factor in your success is your ability to generate and improve revenues. This is true for every company, regardless of size.

According to Google, 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Studies from Harvard and Cornell Universities show that a 1-star difference in reviews can influence revenue, an average of 9-11%. But the logical issue follows, so how do you improve your star ratings?

You simply can’t afford to ignore your business’s on-line reputation. You have two choices: Proactively handle and develop your online reputation. Reactively let other people determine your online reputation. This is why the most important thing you are able to do for your business is to begin putting systems in place to help you with your on-line ratings and reviews. Not just to assist you in getting more good ratings and reviews, but also how to turn them into world class advertising for your company as well.

It is crucial to the success of one’s business that you handle and control your reputation, to protect yourself. Smart business people and professionals are constantly building up their five star reviews on-line. And after that, marketing that 5-star reputation to gain more customers, clients, and patients. You cannot leave this to chance. It’s way too important.

The bottom line is in this new internet-based economy you must have a system in place to continuously build up your online reviews and ratings. The Be 5-Stars platform can assist you handle that process much more easily.

Since reviews are so essential and since you have the ability to use the great ratings you receive inside your marketing, it is really time to start making this the top priority in your company.